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Modder Enhances The Original ‘Resident Evil’ HD Remake Graphics



Alright, so we’ve talked about the Resident Evil 2 remake a lot, as well as the various mods that people have made to the cameras, but what about the remake of the original Resident Evil? There’s nothing wrong with the cameras, but considering that REmake is getting up there in age, and with the shiny new look of RE2, what can be done for the original?

Enter Shiryu and their REupscale Project, a mod to upscale and correct the background textures to fit in nicer with REmake‘s 3D assets. The mod is available to download right now, and according to the description, uses the Photoshop plugin A.I. Gigapixel from Topaz (the same one that was used to upscale the graphics in a mod for the original DOOM) to give the backgrounds a much needed boost.

The graphics (which are taken from original Gamecube version, while others are “upscaled from the HD Remastered texture”) are kept at the same original resolution (1920×1440) but they are obtained by downsampling images twice that resolution. The mod is technically complete, and “fully playable from start to finish”, but you may run into some bugs. Also, some textures have not been upscaled, due to Capcom having redone some rooms in full 3D.

If you’re still working your way through the REmake before tackling RE2, or want to go back and see what the game is like, you can download the mod here and experience the nightmare all over again.

Many thanks to RelyOnHorror for spotting this one.

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